BIM Helper Tools, at the Autodesk Addin Store contains a suite of Revit commands (modules) that can be launched from a ribbon tab

From now on, the tools can be used free of charge up until Revit version 2021. A small donation is appreciated.

At the moment there are no plans for creating upgrades for future versions of Revit

Available modules

Batch print
Print sheets in batch mode, save selected sheet print settings
Dynamic legends Generate legend views with legend components. Show parameters on views.
Element selection data manager Create selection sets of elements. Import/export data from elements.
Parameter editor Batch mode manipulation of (shared) family parameters in file system and/or projects.
Library analyzer Analyze families (.rfa or file system based), generate excel reports, extract family hierarchy into file system
Copy element types Copy element types from other .rvt files
Library browser

Browse (cloud) libraries and select families based on search criteria. Place families from the UI.

Export libraries

Upload libraries to cloud, or export to local file system

Subcategory editor

Batch mode manipulation of subcategories in file system and/or projects.

Sheet configurator

Generate sheets, automatically place multiple views on a sheet in a predefined order

Sheet generator Generate a sheet per view
Assemblies Generate assemblies and assembly sheets
Sheet duplicator Duplicate current sheet